Ready Player One PDF by Ernest Cline

Readers of Ready Player One PDF will find the novel fascinating having been written in first-person narration. The narrator, in this case, goes by the name of Wade Watts. The story from the beginning starts with adventure where sounds of loud gunshots wake up the narrator to the real world. Are you are a fan of drama that gives you adrenaline rush then this is the book for you? The story continues by describing how the character is in hiding at his aunt’s trailer where he lives with other people who are fourteen in number. The narrator of Ready Player One PDF is an eighteen-year-old making the story to relate very well to young people. Ready Player One PDF narrating character also likes things that young people are familiar with such as video games and classic shows on the television. The parents of wade in Ready Player One book PDF are also died due to various reasons making him endure the bulk weight of handling some of the things by himself.

Ready Player One PDF

Overview of Ready Player One PDF

After getting the Ready Player One book PDF download, I realized that the story captures a timeline which is filled with a lot of adventure that will keep you yearning for more. The first chapter in Ready Player One free PDF starts with loud gunshots and the main character Wade who is already in hiding with 14 other people. The chapter already creates curiosity in the reader’s mind of what will happen in the different sections. The story is told in first-person narration in Ready Player One PDF online free download by the character Wade who apparently lost his parents and goes ahead to explain the cause of the demise.

The father of Wade in Ready Player One book PDF free download was killed due to a robbery incident that took place at a grocery store. The mother of Wade on the other hand in Ready Player One PDF died because of overdosing on drugs, before her death however she used to raise her son. Wade on the other hand as the story of Ready Player One PDF unfolds is discovered to hate the real world. The main reason as to why Wade hated the real world is the fact that most of his life he has lived logged onto the Oasis. Wade, in fact, complains about the many injustices which different people experience in the real world.

In the fourth episode, Wade’s aunt locates him in hiding in the room because of the gunshots and goes ahead to take his laptop to pawn it. Chapter One goes forward to explain how Wade sneaks out of the window and ends up descending on the stacks. Wade along the way in Ready Player One PDF develops a conversation with Mrs Gilmore who was apparently a young teenager in the 1980s. Wade as you continue reading the story Ready Player One PDF also has set aside a place which he uses for hiding below the stacks. The hiding place is a secret to him, and it is a hideout behind a van which is windowless with all the seats having been removed.

The storyline of Ready Player One PDF even becomes more interesting as it builds into chapter two as Parzival wades avatar materializes inside the Oasis. Oasis is vividly mentioned in the first section in Ready Player One PDF given the fact that this is what has been used to raise Wade by his biological parents. Oasis is a 3D world game that is hyper-detailed, wade even attends a school. The school attended by Wade in the story Ready Player One PDF is online, and surprisingly enough the school is in a game. Wade in Ready Player One PDF talks about the pre-Oasis schooling as he prepares himself for world history class.

As One continues reading Ready player One PDF, they end up discovering that education in Oasis is in fact much better as it allows Wade to silence his bullies through the software. Sixers in the story are employees who work for Innovative Online Industries contracted to find the egg. The story continues to get more thrilling as one continues to read other chapters, my advice for you is to grab a copy for more of Wade’s adventure. Readers of Ready Player One PDF will also enjoy the storyline in Do android of electric sheep?

Author: Ernest Cline

Ernest Christy Cline author of Ready Player One PDF was born in the year 1972 March and prides himself as one of the most known American novelists. In addition to being a novelist, he is also a slam poet and a screenwriter. Ready Player One PDF and Armanda are some of the most common works which have helped him to make a name in the writing industry.  Consequently, apart from writing the novel Ready Player One he also took part in core writing the screenplay for the film adaptation of Ready Player which was directed by One Steven Spielberg. Ashland Ohio is the place where Cline was lucky to be born becoming the son of Faye Imogene and Ernest Christy Cline. The original work of Cline was performed around 1997 to 2001 at Austin poetry slam venues.

The year 1998 to 2001 he became the champion of Austin poetry slam as he competed at the 1998 Austin national poetry slam and the 2001 Seattle national poetry slam. ‘’Dance monkey, dance’’ is One of his most famous spoken word pieces. Furthermore, cline also published by himself a chapbook which was a collection of his spoken word writing. Cline was also involved in various projects which included screenwriting, for instance, the fan fiction script Buckaroo Banzai against the world. Ready One player is the first novel for Cline to commercialize through selling it in the year 2010. Clines second novel Armada was released on July 14th, 2015 by a publishing group known as Crown.

Technical Details

Product: Ready Player One PDF

Series: Ready Player One#1

Edition Language: English

Pages: 374 pages

ISBN-13: 9780307887436

Why you should read Ready Player One PDF

Are you are fun of storylines that are full of adventure? Then Ready Player One is just the book for you. The story is well narrated in first-person narration as the young Wade who is his late teens takes us through his experiences. Oasis is one of the most exciting things about Ready Player One PDF as it is hyper-detailed in a 3D game world. Wade takes the reader out of the reality in the story One gets to learn more about his schooling in brick and mortar.

Sixers are also another lot of interesting characters who feature in the story. The Sixers who work for Innovative Online Industries are hired to carry out investigations to find an egg. The themes captured in the storyline are also very intriguing for instance injustices among humans. Wade in the story was in fact raised by his parents in Oasis and shows a lot of resentment towards humans. One of the main reasons why he shows all this bitterness is because he feels that there is a lot of injustice.

At the beginning of the story, it even starts with a gunshot while he was in his aunt’s place making him hide with 14 other people. The father of Wade was also killed as it was indicated in chapter one for being involved in a robbery at a grocery store.

My Point Of View After Reading Ready Player One PDF


In my view, the story starts with the kind of events which build interest in knowing what happens in the rest of the book. The book takes you out of reality from your everyday experiences which are allowed in literature. I also like the fact that in the storyline there are a lot of references to video games and virtual reality which makes young people identify with the book.

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