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In the 1960s, things were a little different than they are now. Flying was very expensive and luxurious, people typed essays using typewriters and beehive hairdos were very trendy. However, there are some things that have never changed at all. Just read The Outsiders PDF and you will realize that the world has always been divided along class lines. The Outsiders PDF is a story about teenagers. It was authored by a teenager. The Outsiders book PDF, therefore, talks about issues that affect teens. To give you a glimpse of what is in the book, you can read The Outsiders book summary below.

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The Outsiders PDF Overview


In The Outsiders PDF, the narrator of the story is a fourteen-year-old boy by the name Ponyboy Curtis. He lives with his two older brothers who are named Darry and Sodapop. Their parents had earlier passed away in a road accident. The narrator together with his two brothers joins a gang in the neighborhood. The name of the gang is Greaser gang. While in the Greaser gang, the narrator and his other gang members go through a lot of financial and social disadvantages. They are worried that the rich kids will jump them. The rich kids also have their own gang, known as the Soc.


During one night while Ponyboy and the rest of his gang members are out at a drive-in theatre, they meet two girls who are members of the Soc gang. Ponyboy makes a connection with one of the girls named Cherry. Cherry’s boyfriend attacks Ponyboy and in the process, one of Ponyboy’s gang members, Johnny, kills the boyfriend as he defends Ponyboy. Ponyboy and Johnny have to be on the run for to protect their lives.


While on the run, Ponyboy and Johnny get involved in a fire accident. The church that they were hiding in was on fire. To make it worse, there were a group of children who were having a picnic at the church. While attempting to rescue the children, Johnny and Ponyboy rush in to save some children who were trapped in the fire.


Johnny gets burned by fire and ends up losing an arm. He is in a critical condition by the time they take him to the hospital. Ponyboy’s gang get extremely emotional when Johnny dies. Ponyboy’s world gets turned upside down as a result of Johnny’s death. He is affected to the extent that his grades start to plummet as a result. He, therefore, decides to write The Outsiders PDF to serve as a warning to boys who are involved in gang activities to turn their lives before it’s too late. Sounds so interesting? Well, this is just The Outsiders summary, you can enjoy the whole story by getting The Outsiders PDF.


For those captivated by The Outsiders PDF, The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien is another book for you, both writers narrate real-life experiences in the same captivating way.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Money is what differentiate the Soc and the Greasers. Ponyboy thinks that the world is divided between the haves and the have not.

Chapter 2

Ponyboy and his other gang members meet some two hotly dressed Soc girls. One of the girls is named Cherry and Ponyboy gets emotionally attached to her.

Chapter 3

Pony and Johnny are confronted by some members of the Soc gang as they try to walk the two girls home.

Chapter 4

One of the Soc boys named David tries to drown Pony in a nearby fountain. Johnny kills one of the boys.

Chapter 5

Ponyboy and Johnny are forced into hiding after killing one of the Soc boys. They take refuge in a church.

Chapter 6

Cherry comes to where the Greasers are hiding so that she can give them information about the evils that the Soc are planning against them.

Chapter 7

The church that Pony and Johnny were hiding gets burned. Johnny gets hurt in the process as he tries to save some children who were trapped inside.

Chapter 8

Johnny is badly injured and is admitted to a hospital. His mum has come to the hospital to see him. Members of his gang are also there to see him.

Chapter 9

Johnny’s condition is getting critical. He tells Pony to “stay gold”

Chapter 10

Johnny is dead. Everyone is in grief.

Chapter 11

Ponyboy still can’t believe that Johnny is dead.

Chapter 12

Pony is set to testify about the incident that led to the death of one of the Soc boys, Bob, who was Cherry’s girlfriend.


About the Author


The Outsiders PDF was authored by S. E Hinton. Susan Eloise Hinton was an American writer who was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1950. She published The Outsiders book PDF in 1967, while she was just a teenager. Hinton began drafting The Outsiders PDF while she was only 15. Although Hinton was not a member of any gang, she had several friends who were members of the Greaser gang. She stated that when The Outsiders book PDF came out, she was glad that her greaser friends liked it.


Hinton attended the University of Tulsa, courtesy of the success of The Outsiders PDF. Hinton would later publish her second book, That Was Then, This is Now, in 1970. Her other works include Rumble Fish, that was published in 1975


Technical Details


Paperback: 224 pages

Release Date: April 20, 2006

Publisher: Speak; Platinum ed. edition

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0142407332

ISBN-10: 014240733X


Why You Should Read The Outsiders Book PDF  


The Outsiders book PDF is one of the greatest novels of the 60s that are still relevant to today’s readers. There are therefore so many reasons why you should read The Outsiders PDF. If you have never had any reason to read The Outsiders PDF, then one of the following reasons should make you read it.


  • It Highlights the Correlation between Economic and Social Status


If you want a book that connects the concept of social status, then The Outsiders PDF is the right book to read. The book will, therefore, remind you that the world is still divided into social classes.


  • It Talks About Teen Issues


The Outsiders PDF is a great book that every teenager should read. This is because it talks about the things that teenagers go through in their lives. If you are not a teenager, you can still read The Outsiders book PDF. It will remind you of the days when you were a teenager.


  • Gives You Hope


The Outsiders book PDF is one of those books that will always remind you to never lose hope in life, no matter what. Reading The Outsiders SE Hinton PDF, you will see how Ponyboy struggles to overcome the life of crime and drugs. He loses one of his best friends. At the end of the day, Ponyboy manages to change and become a better person.


The Outsiders Book Review


The Outsiders book PDF has been read by many readers, including teens. The teenagers that have read it have always said that it is one of the novels that they have ever enjoyed reading. Many adolescents usually identify with Ponyboy. This is because the author gives the readers a lot of insights into teens’ angst.


The book is also packed with plenty of actions that will keep them entertained. The author also gives the readers a view of friendship that is idyllic. Since friendship is one of the biggest concerns among teens, this book has, therefore, had the solutions to most problems that are ailing teenagers.

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