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Lolita PDF is a classic novel that was written in 1955 by a Russian American Novelist named Vladimir Nabokov. What made this book to attain its classic status is its controversial subject. This novel was so successful that it was adapted into a film, not once, but twice. Throughout reading Lolita pdf, you will find yourself asking several questions. One of such issues that you will see yourself asking is, “was the relationship between Humbert Humbert and Lolita a passionate one or a destructive one? lolita pdf book on a wooden table

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Overview of Lolita Vladimir Nabokov PDF


The book opens by describing Humbert’s childhood as he was raised in Riviera. Humbert’s father owns a luxurious hotel in Riviera. Humbert goes through a lot of experiences as a child. Chief of Humbert’s childhood experience is that his mother is struck by lightning. Another prominent expertise that Humbert goes through as a child, which forms the basis of the book, is that he falls in love with a “nymphet” girl. This girl is called Annabel Leigh, and she is still a child.


Annabel is on vacation with her parents at the luxury hotel owned by Humbert’s father. Humbert develops a life-long obsession with Annabel because he likes nymphets. After Humbert is through with his education, he gets married to Valeria. Humbert separates with his wife and moves to America. While in America, Humbert meets a widow who has a nymphet daughter named Lolita. Due to Humbert’s obsession with nymphets, he becomes fixated on Lolita. Humbert marries Lolita’s mother so that he could stay close to Lolita.


However, Lolita’s mother, Charlotte gets hit by a car after she discovers Humbert’s dark lust over her daughter. Humbert now has Lolita all by himself. However, when Lolita starts to go to school, she starts showing interests in boys, and this gets Humbert worried over her fidelity.

Lolita Disappears


One day Lolita falls sick and has to be taken to the hospital. Lolita then runs away with a strange man while Humbert is away from the hospital. What follows is an obsessed hunt for Lolita by Humbert. He spends years trying to locate Lolita. One day Lolita sends a letter to him, and he manages to track her down to a shanty in a town called Coalmont. When Humbert finally finds Lolita, she is pregnant. The man responsible is named Quilty. Humbert kills Quilty and is jailed. It is during his jail term that Humbert writes his memoir.


The novel is divided into book 1 and book 2. Book 1 has 32 unnamed chapters while Book 2 has 36 unnamed chapters.


About the Author


Vladimir Nabokov was a Russian-born American writer, poet, and novelist who was born on April 22nd, 1899 in St Petersburg Russia. He was born into an old aristocratic family because his father was a leader of the Kadets in Russia. He was a gifted child since he studied mathematics, languages, games, puzzles, and chess. His father hired private tutors for him that taught him English before he could read Russian.


He was raised mostly in London after his family lost all their land during the Russian revolution. He would later attend Cambridge University in 1919 after which he graduated in 1922. After graduation, he moved to Berlin where he married Vera Slonim. He began writing while in Berlin under the name “V. Sirin”. His first book was called The Real Life of Sebastian Knight.


Popular Success


Before writing Lolita, Nabokov was unknown. Lolita PDF was first published in 1955 in Paris. It was later released in America in 1958. However, the book was subsequently banned in America as people viewed its storyline as inappropriate. It is because it is about a man who falls in love with a 12-year-old girl. Fortunately, due to the publicity the book generated, it became even more popular. Other successful novels by Nabokov include Eugene Onegin and The Defense. The Defense was a novel about chess. Apart from being a writer, Nabokov was also a botanist. Unfortunately, he died in 1977.


Technical Details


Edition Language: English

Publisher: Vintage

Pages: 317

ISBN: 0679723161

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Review of Lolita PDF


Lolita PDF has received several mixed reviews from its readers. There are those who feel that it is too inappropriate as it is about a man who has a relationship with a 12-year-old girl. Then there are others who think that it is one of the best novels to ever been written.


But here is the kicker, I think that Lolita is an astoundingly beautiful prose, just like Michael Finocchiaro.( Click here to read Michael Finocchiaro’s review) . The writer, Nabokov, has used a narrator that is both self-aware and unapologetic. This makes Lolita Vladimir Nabokov pdf to be a book that is filled with so many themes and so much symmetry.


When reading Lolita Nabokov pdf, you will be thrilled by the author’s fluency and creativity that you will be asking yourself, how did Nabokov pull this off? He is a Russian who arrived in America in 1941 and wrote Lolita PDF in 1955. To be honest, Nabokov was just brilliant. Considering that English was his third or fourth language, it would require brilliance to write Lolita fluently in English.


What makes this novel to be extraordinarily beautiful and compelling is that it challenges us as the readers to read it beyond our disgust and fears. This book will require you to live through Humbert’s mind for 300 pages. You will have to deal with your discomfort given the deeds of Humberts throughout the book. It is, therefore, safe to say that Lolita was Nabokov’s most significant contribution to literature.


Why is Lolita PDF a Shocking Book and yet it Still Remains a Favorite?


Lolita book pdf, considered Nabokov’s masterpiece that is both immaculate and disturbing uses a simultaneously lyrical, erotic and unsettling narrative. The narrator of the story, Humbert, is not only a molester but is also a murderer. What makes the book, so shocking to readers is its patently, original and brutally appalling love story.


What makes this book more shocking yet still a favorite is the writer’s brilliance of denying us the all-too-comfortable option of dismissing Humbert as a monster. The author makes us feel complicit in his sins. This makes Lolita PDF a book that most readers cannot have enough of.


Why Should You Read Lolita Nabokov Online?


Lolita PDF is considered one of the greatest novels of all time despite its disturbing storyline. After reading this book myself, I think that it is a novel that you should not miss to understand. Here are reasons why Lolita should be your next read.


  • Offers New Perspectives


Reading Lolita ebook allows you to experience a narrative that you would have never had insights into. Although Humbert is a pedophile, reading this book will enthrall you due to its unreliable perspective.


  • Mental Challenges


One of the scariest yet exciting aspect of Lolita is the writer’s ability to persuade the readers into thinking that Humbert’s actions are justifiable. The author has used flowery language that will blind you to the reality of what you are reading.


  • Social Commentary


Reading Lolita enables you to highlight any flaws in the society. By reading Lolita, you will be offered the opportunity to get to see what happens behind the façade of a civilized society. The nation is riddled with flaws. This gives us a view of both sides of the coin.


Here’s the deal. You can get to read Lolita Nabokov online from the comfort of wherever you will be at that particular time. I would, therefore, recommend that you read this exciting novel to enjoy the story that has made it be considered one of the most excellent books.

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