The Giver PDF by Lois Lowry

The Giver PDF is another great dystopian novel. Dystopian fiction has been around for a while and has grown as a genre of literature. The Giver PDF, by Lois Lowry, is another great American novel that is set in a society that seems to be utopian at first but is revealed as dystopian as the story progresses. It revolves around a 12-year- old boy who is living in a community where there is no pain, war or emotions. In this dystopian world, everything is as pleasant as possible. Some Birthmothers give birth to “new children.” Once the Birthmothers have given birth, they never get to see the children again. These babies move to nurture centres and then to a family unit. In case the children become too infirm, they are “released” or in other words, eliminated. Sounds like a book that is describing a future that many of us are afraid might happen? If you are interested in a book that will make you think and imagine yourself in a futuristic world, then you will enjoy reading The Giver PDF.

The Giver PDF by Lois Lowry

Overview of The Giver PDF

Here’s the deal, Just imagine yourself in a world without memory, pain, and feelings. The Giver PDF by Lois Lowry tells the story of a young boy named Jonas. Jonas is worried about the ceremony of the Twelve when he will have an assignment. – Something that he will spend the rest of his life doing.

Jonas is a disturbed boy because he often perceives flashes of change whenever he looks at an object. Little does he know that these bursts of change that he sees are colours, which eliminates when the society went to “Sameness.” When the time for the ceremony of the Twelve comes, Jonas is chosen to be the new Receiver of Memory. It is a prestigious assignment that entails keeping all the old memories that the community had before they chose “Sameness.”

When Jonas assumes his new role, the Giver transmits the memories to him. Jonas receives the memories of fear, happiness, despair, and joy. These memories come with what Jonas has been missing in his world- colours and emotions.

Jonas has thus left a frustrated boy as he finds himself frustrated with the world that he lives. Jonas, therefore, ends up becoming very close to the giver. Due to their closeness, the Giver tells Jonas of a secret of what happened to the last Receiver, who was the Giver’s daughter. He says him of how the former Receiver became overwhelmed by all of the memories to a point where she begged to be released.

The Giver then suggests to Jonas that he should run away to Elsewhere because he has received so many memories. The Giver tells Jonas that by running away, all the memories he has received will disperse to the community. The Giver then offers to help the community too term to terms with the scattered memories and emotions.

One day Jonas’ father, who works at the nurturing centre brings home a baby named Gabriel who has failed to thrive at the nurturing center. Jonas then becomes attached to the baby. Jonas has information that if Gabriel’s strength does not increase, he will be “released.” Jonas is appalled when he learns that being “released” is the same as being killed.

Jonas then runs with Gabriel on his father’s bicycle. He heads for Elsewhere with the baby Gabriel. As he runs towards Elsewhere, the landscape becomes more and more filled with colour. However, Jonas grows hungry and tired along the way. The ending of this story is ambiguous as it ends with Jonas experiencing hypothermia. Jonas future and that of Gabriel is therefore left unresolved as the story ends.

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About the Author: Lois Lowry

Nobody brings out the idea of a futuristic world that will be different from ours better than Lois Lowry in her book, The Giver. Lois Lowry was born on March 20, 1937, in Honolulu, Hawaii. She first published her first novel, A Summer to Die, in 1977.

Over a few years, she wrote and published several novels. In 1990, she published a book called Number the Stars, which got her the Newberry Medal for Children’s Literature. It was her first award. In 1993, she wrote and published her most successful novel, The Giver. It became a bestseller, and this got her her second Newberry Medal for Children’s Literature award.

She later published other books afterwards which included Gathering Blue and the Messenger. The Giver swept up nearly all the prestigious prize for young adult literature. Lowry came up with the idea of this scary and sterile world when she takes her father to a nursing home.

Her father was admitted to a nursing home, after which he began to lose pieces of his memories which inspired Lowry’s idea of writing about a world with no memories in her book The Giver.

Technical Details

Age Range: 12 and Up

Grade Level: 7 and Up.

Pages: 240 ISBN-10: 0544336267

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers

What’s inside The Giver PDF?

The giver PDF is a book that will undoubtedly get you at the thought of the future world, a world where there is no pain and love. The book is about a young boy named Jonas who lives in the world that most people would not long to live. This book shows us how Jonas is a young boy who willing to risk his life for the society and defend his people to his capability and hence save them as the “memory keeper” by diverging all the memories that he had received back to the society.

Who is for this book?

Do you love the dystopian world? Do you like books that let you think for yourself? Books that allowed you to think about the future?  Well, The Giver PDF is one of such books that is not only amusing to children to read but also takes good care of older readers. Since it is complicated, it holds the attention of all the readers.

Why should you read The Giver PDF?

The Giver PDF is an ebook that will undoubtedly leave you with a different approach to society and life in general.

The author, Lois Lowry has put in much effort in showing the society about the advantages of living in a peaceful community. She advocates for humanity. Have you ever thought of living in a free world? Living in a city free from all kind of miseries and having all enjoy their freedom as an individual. It was the aim and desire of Lois Lowry to see everyone enjoying the freedom to our advantage. Reading The Giver PDF will undoubtedly make you aware of all these benefits.

The Giver PDF is a dystopian novel that depicts a dystopian community that lives in a society where there are no human worries, human emotions, weather seasons and all that contributes to rational and the environment humans live. It will make you wonder what you would do if you found yourself in such a society. How would you live? Would you like it there? Would you side with Jonas?

I can’t emphasize enough, the advantages of reading The Giver. These benefits are countless since The Giver book pdf will surely take you to that futuristic world and most importantly leave you more enlightened about such a world.


The Giver PDF is a fantastic novel, and you can tell this by the positive reports that it has received from people who have read it. It sets itself apart from other dystopian novels like George Orwell’s 1984. What you will love about this book is the suspense that Lois Lowry has employed throughout the story.

I would agree with Christina Grassia’s Amazon’s book review that The Giver PDF will leave you wanting more when you read it. You can never predict any character’s next move. It will keep your interest high throughout the book.

You can get start The Giver PDF download and enjoy this exciting book. You will be eager to read how every truth that Jonas encounters leads him to a lie about his seemingly perfect community.

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