Frankenstein PDF: The 1818 Text by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Charlotte Gordon

You can’t miss reading one of the most legendary book titles in the horror and mystery genres, Frankenstein 1818 PDF which is frequently mentioned in the literary circles as being a pioneer in the science fiction category. It’s amazing that Frankenstein by Mary Shelley PDF will be having its bicentennial in 2018 and this will also coincide with the release of its modern version by the Penguin Classics.  The Penguin classics has been renowned for publishing many of the best literary works in the English language and now fans of the horror genres will be excited to know that they will be able to read the fabled Frankenstein penguin classics PDF in its more updated edition. The Frankenstein PDF is widely recognized as having hugely influenced the publications of numerous other book titles and works in the science fiction genre.

Frankenstein PDF

Overview of the Storyline: Frankenstein PDF

Frankenstein PDF storyline revolves around Victor Frankenstein a young man who is immersed and obsessed in his scientific experiments that leads him to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating a humanoid. Sadly, this results in dire consequences that he lives to regret for the rest of his life. What is the setting of Frankenstein PDF? The 18th-century story is set mainly around Geneva, and other places such as Ingolstadt, Orkney Islands. Victor Frankenstein, who is the protagonist and narrator of Mary Shelley Frankenstein PDF  is an avid science student.

His curiosity and passion in science subjects, particularly chemistry makes him to eventually develop a living creature from lifeless matter such as the stolen body parts. His fantasy in the earlier sections of Frankenstein Mary Shelley PDF was that the creature he would develop will turn out to be wonderful and beautiful. In short, a marvellous piece of art. However, he was greatly disappointed and horrified when the creature turned out to be extremely ugly and disgusting. The failed experiment left Victor ill. He became depressed and emotionally downtrodden and he then abandons the creature.

Victor flees from home and recovers from his illness with the help of his childhood’s best friend Clerval. When he returns home. He finds out something shocking. You know what?  The creature has murdered his very own brother William. You can imagine the untold pain and suffering Victor felt as he sees the devastating results of his action to the point that his dear brother loses his life and his beloved family is under imminent threat of elimination by this creature.

Throughout the Frankenstein eBook PDF, we see how Victor’s loved ones face the wrath of this devil. Victor feels guilt and regretful of the results of his well-intentioned experiments.  He conceals his knowledge about the monster as he feels that nobody will believe that his experiments brought about such a loathsome and murderous creature. Victor embarks on a revenge mission to make sure the creature pays back for his evil deeds. Get your copy of Frankenstein novel download to find out how the story unfolds right to the end.

Technical Details

Original Title: Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus

Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

First publication: March 11th, 1818

Latest publication: Expected on March 8th, 2018

Publishers: Penguin Classics

Pages: 280

ISBN: 0143131842 (ISBN13: 9780143131847)

5-Major Aspects found in Frankenstein PDF

  • The vengeful antagonist

The main antagonist in Frankenstein Mary Shelley PDF  is the creature who is responsible for the many heinous acts as the story unfolds. It is large and its height is around 8 feet. The creature is described as being ugly and disgusting even Frankenstein refers to it at some point while reading Frankenstein PDF as a vile insect. The creature is initially innocent and tries to blend with others and form friends and live a normal life. Why then does he change and become wicked?

This is due to his hideous features, people ran away and outrightly rejected him and this leads to the creature embarking on a revenge mission targeting the one who brought him into existence and that is none other than Victor Frankenstein.

  • Murder of Victor’s brother

One of the major evil acts of the creatures was the slaying of Victor’s brother William as revenge against Victor. It gets worse: the creature then plants evidence that implicates William’s nanny as the murderer, she is later hanged for the crime despite her innocence and Victor knows all to well who is the real killer as he saw the creature in close proximity to the murder scene.

Victor, however, fears to reveal the secret as it is unbelievable he would create such a devil that wreaks havoc to his loved ones.

  • Victor faces a dilemma

Readers of Frankenstein PDF will enjoy the captivating twist the plot takes when Victor faces an intriguing dilemma when the creature demands that he deserves to enjoy life and therefore wants  Victor to make another creature to be his companion. That’s not all. The creature promises to completely disappear from his life. On the other hand, the creature threatens to eliminate Victor’s friends and family if he refuses and destroy his family. Victor under duress accepts the offer.

However, while working on the female creature he develops cold feet and refuses to create it. What’s worrying him is that there is no guarantee the female creature will turn out to be righteous, she may turn out to be bad or even worse than the original creature.  This leads to the cruel death of his best friend Clerval at the hands of the merciless creature.

  • Showdown after Victor’s wedding day

As the storyline draws to a climax while reading Frankenstein Mary Shelley PDFVictor arms himself to the teeth during his wedding. The wedding happens and immediately after it, Victor wants to crush the creature once and for all and hunts him down. The creature outsmarts him and he is able to strangle his newly wedded wife Elizabeth to death. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

You can find the Frankenstein Mary Shelley online to quench your desire to know whether Victor succeeds in executing his revenge mission against the creature. Fans of the horror fiction genre can also enjoy Stephen King’s book called IT that follows the lives of seven children haunted by nightmarish creatures.

  • Moral issues raised about Science

Frankenstein Mary Shelley PDF draws attention to human’s attempt, particularly scientists efforts to create new life on earth. Additionally, Frankenstein PDF brings out morality issues considering how Victor Frankenstein dream turned out to be his worst nightmare when his experiment created an unimaginable and destructive creature that almost wiped out everyone close to him.

Digesting   Frankenstein PDF farther also brings out the debate on where the line must be drawn when it comes to scientific innovations and if some of their experiments may prove to be a threat to the very existence of humanity.

About the Author

Mary Shelley is an English novelist and is the author of Frankenstein PDF which she started writing while still at the young age of eighteen. Frankenstein PDF was written about 200 years ago and has been an inspiration to many books, plays, films and television productions during that time. Mary Shelley passed on in 1851 and she is best known for her efforts in writing the classic Frankenstein PDF. Apart from being a novelist, she is also a travel writer, dramatist, essayist, biographer. She was married to philosopher and Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. In addition, her father was the famous political philosopher William Godwin, and her mother,

Mary Wollstonecraft was also a philosopher and feminist.  Other literary works by Mary Shelley include the novels: Perkin Warbeck (1830), The Last Man (1826), Valperga (1823), Falkner (1837), Lodore (1835). Her works have mainly been around the Fantasy, Science Fiction. Horror genres. Charlotte Gordon, on the other hand, is an American writer and won the National Book Critics Circle award in 2016, for her book released in 2015 called Romantic Outlaws: The Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley. A biography that honors Mary Shelley and her mother who died while giving birth to her. Charlotte Gorden is a humanities professor at Endicott College, Massachusets United States and is well respected in academic circles.

Readers opinion about Frankenstein PDF

The Frankenstein PDF has been retold over the years by many film productions. But to truly get the whole and original narrative you simply have to read the book because there is a lot you will discover that you still don’t know. The imagery presented in the book is fascinating particularly the North Sea Regions and Arctic ice. As a reader, one funny bit is that despite the heinous acts committed by the creature there is a deep part inside of you that feels for him as he is despised for being ugly and everyone runs away from him and like any emotional creature you deserve love as well.

Mary Shelley deserves to be commended for bringing out modern scientific aspects such as the creation of new life despite writing Frankenstein PDF some 200 years ago when science was nowhere compared to now. The plot keeps your pulses racing to wonder the creature’s next move considering he is on a revenge campaign. You can just imagine how Victor feels knowing that every evil act by the creature is his own fault.

The book has created a tensed plot that will keep you reading until the last page. One experience you also get is the variety of settings used in the book from the North pole to Geneva to Ingolstadt, you will be captivated by the uniqueness of each of those locations and how the plotline unfolds there.

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