Death of a Salesman PDF by Arthur Miller

A thrilling storyline awaits you in Death of a Salesman PDF which begins by highlighting an accident that almost occurred involving a character who goes by the name Willy Loman. He was an old salesman, and he was returning home from a very long business trip. In the entire trip that Willy goes through as you read  Death of a Salesman PDF, he gets involved in a number of near accidents until he comes to the realization that indeed he should not be driving. You will also find out in Death of a Salesman PDF that Willy’s wife called Linda saw that the job of a salesman was too much for her husband to handle. Linda’s concern made her to go ahead and to ask his boss to give her a job at the local office. Linda’s boss was called Howard. Willy in his own opinion thinks that getting a new job will be a good idea as the story unfolds in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. The reason behind his opinion is in the fact that he was adding little value as a salesman and switching employment will be a good idea.

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Overview of Death of a Salesman PDF


When you read Death of a Salesman act 1, it brings to light a phenomenon that is very intriguing, let us pretend or assume for a moment that we are in a theatre watching this play. You would probably be seeing a well-designed little two bedroom house with one bedroom and some beautiful music coming from the home. This description perfectly fits the house where the old salesman Willy was staying with his lovely wife, Linda, as narrated in the Death of a Salesman PDF. The house is where Willy in a playset would be seen coming back from the long business trip. You will also learn more about Willy’s family in Death of a Salesman book such as about his two children that is Biff and Happy.


They are two grown sons, and Biff in the early sections of Death of a Salesman PDF had just returned home from work. Biff had just finished work where he was operating as a farm hand. As you continue reading Death of a Salesman PDF, you will see Willy, as a father, thinks that Biff was wasting his precious time. Furthermore, the old man’s opinion was that Biff should get back on track and engage himself in doing something different.


Flashbacks are also used in the Death of Salesman PDF as Willy reflects back to the night his son returns home. The flashback, in fact, makes the old man to have a conversation with images which he believes that he is familiar with and he sees them as people who are real. You also get to see in the Death of a Salesman PDF  how the old man goes ahead to rant how something is wrong to the extent that Biff and Happy wake-up. The two brothers as expected end up becoming very worried about their father’s condition. Biff resolves to try to fix their relationship and even decided to talk to a former employer.


The employer who had initially hired Biff in the Death of a Salesman PDF was called Bill Oliver. The purpose of talking to Bill Oliver was actually to request a loan which he would start a business venture. Willy that night was talking to himself in a loud tone that everyone woke up. Linda later admits that indeed the husband had a problem. In a  case where we could have had the Death of a Salesman act 2,  Linda would be on stage in a kitchen setting having breakfast. Everyone who is part of the family would be part of the meal including Will and the two sons Biff and Happy discussing the potential of their sons.


Death of sales captures the struggles the old man Willy was going through, and the wife also admitting the situation of her husband and her husband is suicidal. As a reader, the terrific plotline found in Death of a Salesman PDF will keep you flipping through the pages. Why not get your personal copy of Death of a Salesman PDF and follow through as the events unfold.


Author: Arthur Miller


When a list of America greatest play writers in the 20th century is made, Arthur Millers will be ranked among the best of the best. One of his most excellent plays includes ‘’All my sons’’ and the prize-winning ‘’Death of a Salesman’’. Arthur Miller was born in New York City at a place called Harlem in the year 1915. Arthur Miller attended his education at the University Of Michigan before moving back to the East to write drama for the stage.


Pulitzer Prize is one of the accolades he got which was mainly for his popular success play Death of a Salesman in the year 1949. There was also more acclaim for his follow-up play the crucible. The father of Arthur, Isidore, was a successful businessman who owned who owned a coat manufacturing business. Arthur was very close to his mother, who was called Augusta.


The mother of Arthur was an educator by profession and also loved reading novels during her spare time. The family of Arthur who had a lot of affluence lost almost everything in the Wall Street crash of 1929. The effects of the crash in Wall Street caused Arthur to move from Manhattan to Flatbush with his family. Miller also at one point did some odd jobs after graduating from high school to save cash which he would use at the University of Michigan.


Despite the success, the early life of Miller got off to a rocky start. His Broadway debut, The man who had all the luck, closed down after a total of just four performances with reviews that were woeful. Miller earned his first Tony Award after for the best author after writing the ‘’All my sons ‘’.


The salesman was the play that won Miller one of the highest accolades in his entire life. Miller also married a Hollywood star who was called Monroe which placed their marriage on a spotlight. Arthur Miller died on February 10th 2005 coincidentally it was the 56th anniversary of Death of a Salesman. The legendary play writes died of heart failure at the same time he had cancer and pneumonia. Fans of Death of a Sales will also enjoy reading The Crucible which has an interesting storyline covered in a town called Salem. The Crucible is a play which was also written by Miller.


Technical details


Product: Death of a Salesman PDF

Edition Language: English

Pages: 144 pages

ISBN-13: 9780435233075




Death of a Salesman PDF follows through the story of an old man who is living the consequences of decisions he had made earlier on in his life. The man is dissatisfied with the job he has and his wife tries to negotiate a new role for him from her boss.  You will see a lot of support shown by family members as the storyline in Death of a Salesman PDF develops with family members putting an effort in trying to help Willy who seems to be going through a difficult time.


The story even gets more interesting as one of the sons Biff who is believed to be a failure tries to mend the relationship between him and the dad. Biff goes to the extent of meeting his former employer with the purpose of asking for a loan to venture into business. Willy, as the story unfolds, gets fired against his expectations of getting a job transfer to New York City. The highlight of the story is also captivating as Biff doesn’t secure a loan and they leave their father at the restaurant in pursuit of girls. Willy despite the constant fights with his son Biff realizes the son loves him despite not moving past the failure stage.


Willy commits suicide as his son’s gift for success and frustration of not achieving any success. The storyline of the award-winning Death of a Salesman PDF written by the legendary Arthur Miller is one of the most exciting books that I have ever read. How the story builds describing Willy the old man and his frustrations are very captivating, and one would not want to leave anything out. Despite the fact that the story has a tragic ending, the entire set of events was well organized.  You surely can’t afford to have Death of a Salesman PDF in your reading collections.

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