D&D 5e Xanathar’s Guide To Everything PDF by Wizards RPG Team

Experience the expanded exciting features of the new supplement to the world’s greatest role-playing game. Players and Dungeon masters who have been longing for more character options will be delighted to discover that the book offers more than 30 new subclasses for character classes. They can try out the various options to fit their desired character. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything pdf takes us through Waterdeep’s infamous crime boss called Xanathar. He also gives his insights about adventurers, gamers will be excited to capture new strategies and tactics for combating various situations. Don’t be left out, by going online and clicking on Xanathar’s Guide to Everything pdf download and get your copy instantly. Xanathar's guide to everything pdf book cover

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Overview of D&D 5e Xanathar’s Guide To Everything PDF


The D&D 5e Xanathar’s Guide to Everything pdf gives fresh information about all types of adventurers. Thanks to Xanathar, who is a powerful beholder and the most notorious crime boss in Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms. Xanathar eyestalks are constantly alert and ready to collect information about any adventurer be it a friend or enemy. This is what makes Xanathar be famed for hoarding information. That’s not all. He keeps a catalog which contains lore relating to the adventurers as well as tips on how to stop their plans or activities. Players are also taken through Xanather’s personal thoughts on how to use the traps, tricks, treasures to achieve their evil desires.


They will benefit immensely from the useful advice given to evilly minded adventurers on how to get rid of do-gooders who want to meddle in their dubious affairs. The title Xanathar’s  in the 5th edition xanathar’s guide to everything pdf free download is significant, why does it matter? Because the series of powerful beholders who run their criminal enterprises in Waterdeep in the Forgotten realms assume that title Xanathar. Therefore, the present Xanathar in Waterdeep is the one who offers his viewpoints throughout the book most notably in the character’s options section. Gamers will also be thrilled with the new features in the book such as the new subclasses for each character class giving them a huge pool of options to choose from.


In addition, new spells and magic items are also found in the Xanathar’s guide to everything pdf that will guarantee that players and Dungeons masters have a fulfilling campaign as they explore the diverse options at their disposal.

Table of contents


Chapter 1: Character Options

This section contains The path of ancestral Guardian, College of glamour, forge domain, arcane archer, gloom stalker and shadow magic.

Chapter 2: Dungeon Master’s tools

This section contains flying creatures, adamantine weapons, perceiving a caster at work and downtime activities.

Chapter 3: Spells

This section contains Spell lists and Spell Description.

Appendix A: Shared Campaigns

Appendix B: Character Names


About the Author


Let us look at a brief background of the designers and publishers of this book that is the Wizards of the Coast. Peter Adkison, in 1990, founded the company. For some few years, the company ran its operation from Peter’s basement in Seatle, Washington. In 1991, Richard Garfield developed a unique gaming concept which laid the foundations for Magic: The Gathering one of Wizards leading games. It has proved to be popular and has experienced tremendous growth over the years since then and as of 2015, the game has about 20 million players across the globe. Wizards later purchased TSR in 1997, which was the company publishing Dungeons & Dragons, and immediately they commenced work on the third edition.


The worldwide appeal and commercial success that some of Wizards leading brands that is Magic and D & D enjoyed attracted Hasbro to buy the company in 1999. Wizards of the Coast now operate as a subsidiary under Hasbro. The 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons came out in 2014, with Tyranny of Dragons being the first crucial storyline of the 5th edition. The game has retained its popularity amongst fans, and with the release of Xanathar’s Guide To Everything, fans will continue to be glued to the game.


Technical Specification Of Xanathar’s Guide To Everything PDF Download


Series: Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition

Hardcover: 192 pages

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Language: English

ISBN-13: 9780786966110)


Why this book is for you?


New subclasses for the character classes


The xanathar’s guide to everything pdf free has made new adjustments from the character classes found in the Player’s Handbook. The book has introduced a total of 31 new subclasses for each of the character classes and just to mention a few of them: Cavalier, Martial Archetypes of Arcane Archer and Samurai for the fighter.Domain of the Forge and Grave for Clerics, Origins of Divine Soul, Storm Sorcerer and Shadow Magic for Sorcerer. Storm Herald,  the Zealot, and Path of the Ancestral Guardian for Barbarian. This gives games a wide range of options to choose from and personalize their characters to their own designs.


New Rules


The xanathar’s guide to everything download offers new rules for players and Dungeon masters. These rules cover the new subclasses.  Furthermore, the book also presents new guidelines based on the application of the original rules. For example, the d&d 5e xanathar’s guide to everything online expands more about the rules for traps with about 11 pages detailing them.


The book contains additional new feats


Players can enjoy the addition of 15 new racial feats into the d&d 5th edition pdf. They focus on particular racial aspects of a character. Look: These feats allow modification of a character’s racial aspects so that they can be a little similar to certain features of their lineage. Here is an example of some of the racial feats contained in the book that is the two Dragonborn feats, with one toughening the scales and claws of the character and the other lets the character use their breath weapon to instill fear.


Wide variety of tools to use


The Dungeons and dragons campaigns have been boosted further as Dungeon masters are given a variety of tools for them to explore that gives them a fresh approach on how to use things such as traps and magic items and more downtime activities such as commerce, researching, crafting, carousing in the d&d 5exanathar’s guide to everything pdf.


Multiple character options


If you are among those who wished for more options in Dungeons and dragons to aid in character creation.  Your desires have been met as the d&d 5th edition pdf now presents more character options for players. The many options offered in the book will satisfy their character needs.


New magic items


There are some interesting new magic items in the Dungeons and dragons pdf such examples include: The Clothes of Mending whose magical power undermines the daily effects of wear and tear.Another one is the Clockwork Amulet which gives you the power once daily to take 10 on an attack roll. This application will prove useful for players in combat situations.




It’s a fantastic supplement to purchase for fans of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. Players and Dungeon masters can’t miss buying this. The dungeons and dragons 5th edition pdf download layout and charts are also well-thought out and structured. One new racial feat players are going to love is the tiefling’s Infernal Constitution which boosts resistance levels of characters to cold and poison.


The new feats are generally intriguing, and players and DMs will love to explore them in their campaigns. First-time players will also find it much easier to generate characters. Players will also enjoy creating a well-rounded character, and be to fill characters backstory faster. One intriguing part of the book is the appendix section which will help gamers generate character names of their wishes. The book has also added flavor to the standard character archetypes. Gamers will enjoy experimenting with the new character class options. The new options the book has created are amazing.

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