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Are you a fan of role-playing games? Well, Dungeons & Dragons are the world’s most famous table-top game. Playing Dungeons & Dragons will allow you to depart from the traditional wargaming and instead enable you to embark on an imaginary adventure. One of the best fantasy settings that you can have your fantastic experience while playing Dungeons & Dragons is the Sword Coast. You will be excited to adventure on Sword Coast due to its shining paragons of civilization and its perilous locales that will promise you great danger and vast opportunities. But are you sure you will get everything you need while adventuring on the forgotten realms of the Sword Coast? Lucky for you, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide pdf will provide you with a wealth of details on the places, deities, and cultures on the Sword Coast.

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About the Book


Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide pdf is the first campaign setting release in the D&D 5th edition game. According to most D&D players, if there is a setting in the game that should have its book to showcase its incredible adventures, then it’s is Sword Coast. Did you know that the Sword Coast was imagined all the way back in the year 1975? However, it has been refined gradually.


The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide is deeply integrated into the d&d 5th edition pdf. This guide, therefore, updates the setting and mechanics that you will require to operate with the ruleset of the 5th edition of the Dungeons and Dragons.


The first two chapters of Sword Coast Adventurer guide focuses on the setting of the Realms, the surrounding islands of the Sword Coast and The Underdark. The next sections of the book detail the races of the realms and other information that will help you play the game. The book also displays a full range of classes represented in the d&d game. Using this guide will, therefore, enable you to craft a backstory that is fantastic. Would You Like to build your adventurer on a Human Harper Bard with a seaborn upbringing? Here’s the deal, Sword Coast Adventurer Guide will give you any information at your fingertip. You will, therefore, be able to create a compelling story.


The book also contains detailed artwork throughout it and small green sidebars. It will help you to craft your fantasy world with ease. The sidebars consist of snippets of songs, a specific history, and legends that you might integrate into your adventures. You can also translate the artwork into a reference for your experience and into beautiful examples of what the characters should look like.


In the last chapter of D&D 5e Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide pdf free, you will find plenty of backgrounds that you can use to kick-start your framework. This section also covers the skills that each character should possess, the languages they might speak and the equipment they might carry.


Table of Contents


Chapter one: Welcome to the Realms

It is an introductory chapter. It introduces the Sword Coast and a wide overview of the Toril. It also includes the Realms history and on different levels of magic. It also contains essential domains tables.

Chapter two: The Sword Coast and the North

It is a gazetteer chapter that covers the island kingdoms, the cities of the Lord’s Alliance and Dwarfholds. This section presents a general guide to the characters of the place.

Chapter three: Races of the Realms

Through this section, you will find the Faerun specifics about the various races. It also contains several new options to enable your half-elves to replenish their skill for something more specific.

Chapter four: Classes

This chapter is about how different organizations should use the various classes. It also contains all the virtues and mechanical monastic tradition that should be followed by specific orders of monks.

Chapter five: Backgrounds

It is the last chapter in the d&d Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide pdf free, and it contains straightforward information and background options that players can choose from. These background options include clan crafter, city watch, Waterdhavian noble and urban bounty hunter.


Technical Details


Series: D&D Accessory

Language: English

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast (November 3, 2015)

Hardcover: 159 pages

ISBN-10: 0786965800

ISBN-13: 978-0786965809


Should You Include Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide to Your Gaming Library?


D&D fans cannot get enough of the realms. Since the game has been updated as it now contains several characters and adventures, you will, therefore, need a standalone guide for some time. Fortunately, you can get that with the Sword Coast Adventurer’s guide 5e pdf download.


It is essential that you include the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide to your gaming library. It is because the book contains all the details about the traditions, religion, and ways of life of the realms. The guide also gives the readers of Dungeons and Dragons pdf a good sense of the significant landmarks and geographical details in the Sword Coast.


The Sword Coast Guide also contains a lot of excellent player character options. You will, therefore, need this book to get the details about the new backgrounds, the sub-races, and the class-archetypes. This guide also contains helpful suggestions on how best you can go about the D&D game.


Another reason why it is tremendously important that you add Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide to your library is that it will get you updated on the timeline of the Dungeon. The guide will also provide you with some of the answers to the events that happened previously in the Dungeon, like during Sundering. Are you curious to find out about what happened in Murder in Baldur’s Gate? Then you will find all the information about it in the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.


Review of Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide


Campaign books are great for playing D&D. However, man cannot live by bread alone. That is why you need a character filled the book like Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. If you are the first timer of the Realms, then there is no better way to be introduced to the Realms than through the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide pdf.


If you have been up to date with the Realms, then the Sword Coast is still right for you. It is because the writing is excellent and snappy hence you will enjoy reading it. The guide also gives a nice update on the recent events about the Realms.


For those who have used this book to play D&D, they can all agree with me that Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide 5e pdf is the best edition ever. The authors have taken all the essential aspects of earlier versions and inserted them in one book. This 5th edition guide is also the most realistic game principles that were outlined in the previous editions. The fifth edition is precisely what you I would like the D&D game to be.


The pages are also slick and clean and are filled with a right amount of art. I would, therefore, recommend that you look for the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide pdf download and get yourself this excellent setting book.

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