D&D 5e Out Of The Abyss PDF by Wizards RPG Team

Lovers of underground lore have a reason to smile due to the release of the out of the abyss pdf that presents a story about the world underneath. The plot revolves around a magical spell cast by the drow archmage Gromph Baenre which releases the demon lords that were confined in the abyss into the Underdark. The demons perpetuate insanity in the Underdark that threatens its very foundations. That’s not all. Characters are sure to enjoy exploring the diverse range of locations, the survival mechanisms as well as some adversaries that thicken the plotline. The story in the out of the abyss download promises to be a thrilling adventuring experience for players or characters alike.

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Overview of D&D Out Of The Abyss PDF


The game is set in an Underdark subterranean city called Menzoberranzan. Here the dark elf Gromph Baenre, who is the Archmage of Menzoberranzan casts a magic spell that causes all the demon lords to come out of the abyss and into the Underdark. These demons include Demogorgon, Orcus, Baphomet, Juiblex, Fraz-Urb’luu, Zuggtmoy, Graz’zt, Yeenoghu.  However, one of the demons called Lolth wanted to own the abyss and as a result, schemes to remain in the abyss so that she can achieve her goal.


The PCs, who were initially trapped inside the Underdark, embark on an adventure that sees them manage to reach the surface. On reaching the top, they discover that the Underdark has some problems. The best part? The demon lords from the abyss are reigning terror, and everyone inside there including some PCS is gradually getting insane due to the demonic influence. This forces the PCs to go back to the Underdark and handle the situation. The PCs unite with the exiled drow archmage called Vizeran DeVir, and together with him, they execute a plan to make all the demon lords in the Underdark kill each other by summoning them together. This gives the PCs the opportunity to take what remains in the Underdark.


Table of contents


Part 1: Chapter 1 to 5

The campaign begins with all the characters imprisoned and held captive by drow archmage Gromph Baenre. We are taken through the survival mechanisms in the Underdark. The escape of characters into the wilds of the Underdark.  We also enjoy the adventures of the characters to different cities.

Part 2: Chapter 6 to 10

Takes us through the pursuit of the PCs by the drow. The characters meetings with each of the representatives from the five Forgotten Realms. Further, we’ll see the persistent mental effects the demon lords have on the PCs.

Part 3: Chapter 11 to 17

The exiled drow archmage Vizeran DeVir provides the solution for the characters to deal with the insanity caused by demon lords. A plan is hatched for him together with the help of PCs to perform a high ritual that will reverse the one by Gromph Baenre. It will bring the demons together, and they will destroy each other, and then the PCs will deal with, the leftovers.


About the Author: Wizards RPG Team


The Wizards role-playing games team designed and published the book under Wizards of the coast. This company was established by Peter Adkison in 1990 and is headquartered in Renton, Washington, USA. Wizards majorly focus its themes around fantasy and science fiction. Wizards purchased the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game from TSR, which was experiencing financial problems, in 1997 and has since then released several editions of the game. Apart from role-playing games, the company is known for popularizing the collectible card game genre through the Magic: The Gathering game which generated massive revenue for the company.


The most notable success came through its publishing of the Pokemon Trading Card in 1999, Wizards gained massive commercial success as a result of the widespread popularity of the Pokemon cards. This immense success enjoyed by Wizards captured the attention of Hasbro, which is a game and toys giant company, to purchase Wizards in 1999. Since then, the company has been operating as a subsidiary of the parent company Hasbro.


Technical Specification


Series: Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition

Hardcover: 256 pages

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Edition Language: English

ISBN13: 9780786965816


What’s in the D&D 5e Out Of The Abyss PDF?


  • Captivating opening campaign


The d&d out of the abyss pdf campaign opens with the characters being prisoners of the drow. They are captives in a dark elf outpost deep down the Underdark. Here, they will need to co-operate to survive and navigate their way out of the prison. After their escape, you will be curious to see how the characters try to evade recapture by the drow—who still pursues them.


  • Many locations for characters to choose


Characters will have plenty of location points to choose from. Throughout the out of the abyss d&d pdf, they will come across a lot of smaller locales along their journies rather than moving from just one big dungeon to another.The rage of demons out of the abyss pdf places a lot of emphasis on the varied locations between different points. It will enhance the character’s adventures as they encounter these exciting little spots along their journeys. Some of the exciting locales include the drow capital city of Menzoberranzan and the giant stone library of Gravenhollow.


  • The Underdark faces a massive demonic incursion


As a result of the ritual performed by the drow archmage Gromph Baenre, the demon lords can escape out of the abyss, and they invade the Underdark. The invasion has a devastating effect. The players must display heroics to stop the madness in the demon-possessed Underdark from escalating further into the surface. To defeat the insanity perpetuated by the demons, our heroic characters devise a plan to expel the demons and their deadly and corrupting influence from the Underdark.


Reviews Of Out Of The Abyss PDF Download


The Dungeons and dragons pdf offers a solid plotline that will draw plenty of interest from players. After escaping from the vicinity of the drow in prison, players will be keen to choose the safer routes and locations as they travel back to the surface to stop the drow from recapturing them. The chaotic scenario thrown by the demons out of the abyss further deepens the plot of the d&d 5th edition pdfs as the characters seek to hatch a cunning plan that will banish the dangerous demons from the Underdark.


What makes them out of the abyss pdf even more thrilling is the exceptional design of the adventuring experience. Players will be able to explore a diverse range of locations throughout their journeys between the different locales.


A couple of incredible adversaries are presented in the d&d 5e out of the abyss pdf who will keep the players on their toes as they try to escape and survive the evil machinations from them. The layout of the story demands that Dungeon masters put plenty of effort into their preparations to ensure they have a great experience.


A lot of details such as the culture, wildlife and the societies found underground are captured in the out of the abyss d&d pdf free. It proves to be an excellent sourcebook which gives a lot of insights into the Underdark adventures and readers can click the out of the abyss pdf download free to get the book.

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