The Crucible PDF by Arthur Miller

Readers of The Crucible PDF act 1 will enjoy an exciting beginning where Salem’s minister who was called Reverend Parris sits down keenly while watching over his daughter who is sick. The name of Reverend’s daughter in the storyline is Betty. Reverend Parris in the story of The Crucible PDF sits down looking at his daughter wondering what was wrong with her. As the story of The Crucible PDF unfolds, we soon come to learn that rumors have been going around town that she had been bewitched. The night before Betty fell ill Reverend Parris had seen her dancing in the forest with his niece, Abigail. The two in the story of The Crucible PDF were not just alone but also in the company of Tituba who was a slave to Parris.


The storyline in The Crucible PDF pays attention to detail, for instance, a vivid description is given of how Parris saw a cauldron, and there was a frog which was leaping in it. Parris in the chapter who was still trying to figure where the problem is questioning his niece, Abigail. Abigail denies that neither she nor Betty are involved in any form of witchcraft. Does the sound of witchcraft give you an adrenaline rush? Get more of that as you flip through the chapters. Abigail in the story of The Crucible PDF, however, admits that while in the forest they were playing with Tituba.  In The Crucible, Abigail’s Parents are dead, and that is the reason why she is living in the household of Parris.

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Overview of The Crucible PDF


The setting of the storyline, as seen in the introduction of The Crucible full-text PDF  has a character who is dominant from the beginning. The actor who goes by the name Reverend Parris has a daughter, and in the story, there are rumors and speculation that she may have been bewitched. The sickness of Betty who is the daughter of Reverend Parris in The Crucible PDF is an issue of grave concern. Reverend Parris goes ahead even to question Abigail whether she has ever been involved in witchcraft. The Crucible PDF act 1 starts in a scene capturing Reverend Parris’s household, a vivid description is made of him as a man who is in his mid-forties.


Reverend Parris is a man who is full of imagination and perceives the world to be against him. While reading the story, you will discover Salem in the story is a town whose way of life is puritan strict. At one point Reverend Parris prays for her daughter while in the bedroom.


Tituba who was the slave to Reverend in the same scene as the story of crucible PDF continues walks into the bedroom to find out how Betty is fairing on as Paris weeps. Dr. Griggs as you read The Crucible PDF you will discover is a medical practitioner taking care of Betty. Susanna reveals to Parris as the story of The Crucible PDF continues that the doctor could not find a cure for Betty. Thomas Putnam in the story thinks that the sickness affecting people is the devil’s work. Putnam claims that she sent Ruth and Tituba into the forest to speak to the dead to find out who killed her seven babies.


The Crucible PDF act 2 has a setting which is at Proctors house in the Common room. Elizabeth and Proctor engage in discussions relating to the farm business. Elizabeth in the story expresses worries that Proctor had gone to Salem alone. Proctor in a twist of events is also angry of the fact that Mary Warren had gone to Salem yet he had warned her. The storyline in this section of The Crucible PDF revolves around these three characters mainly. The Crucible PDF act 3 has its setting in Salem church inside a Vestry room. The vestry room in The Crucible PDF has been turned into a courtroom.


A character who goes by the name Judge Harthorne in The Crucible PDF questions Martha Corey asking him whether she is a witch. Giles who plays the role of Martha’s husband raises his voice in the courtroom claiming that he has evidence Corey is a witch. Thomas Putnam, Reverend Hale, Herrick, Danforth, and Parris are some of the other characters who are in this section. The setting of The Crucible PDF act 4 is in a Salem cell, Herrick in the storyline is also seen coming in drank.


The Crucible act PDF act 5 captures Reverand Hale arriving at Pariss’s house telling a character who goes by the name Rebecca that people in the town know her goods. Rebecca in the storyline of The Crucible PDF is a nurse. The act 5 goes on to capture other exciting events that will leave you yearning for more in a series of accusations and counter-accusations.


About the Author: Arthur Miller


In the 20th century, it went without saying that Arthur Miller comes to the spotlight as one of the greatest writers of his time. Arthur was born in Harlem in the year 1915. Miller attended his education at the University of Michigan and then, in the end, he ended up moving to the east to write plays. Arthur Miller came from an Immigrant family of Polish and had a Jewish descent. The father of Miller took pride in being one of the most successful businessmen.


The father of Miller, the author of The Crucible PDF, was commonly known as Isidore and owned a successful coat manufacturing business. Miller had a close relationship with his mother from his early life. The mother of Miller was known as Augusta and pursued the profession of an Educator. In addition to the above, the mother of Miller had also developed a lot of interest in reading novels. The Wall Street crash which occurred in the year 1929 significantly affected Millers family as they lost almost everything.


The circumstances which prevailed after the Wall Street forced the family of Miller to move from Manhattan to Flatbush, Brooklyn. Success did not come to Miller the easy as he had to do a few odd jobs after finishing high school to save money to attend the University of Michigan. Miller while in college completed his first play, No Villain, which he documented for the student paper.


The writing won him an accolade while in school entitled the schools Avery Hopwood Award. Miller in his early life also took courses with Playwright and Professor Kenneth Rowe. Miller was much inspired by Rowe’s approach and moved back to the east to begin his career as a playwright. Readers of The Crucible will also enjoy Death of a Salesman which is one of the famous plays written by Miller that elevated his career.


Technical Details


Product: The Crucible PDF

Edition Language: English

Pages: 143 pages

ISBN-13: 9780142437339


Why is this book for you?


The book has a storyline that captures dramatically scripted events which are captivating and very interesting at the same time. One of the characters that stand out in The Crucible PDF that will attract your attention is Reverend Pariss. The character an old man in the mid-forties develops the perception that the world is against him and is filled with a lot of bitterness. Pariss has a daughter, and true to his attitude tragedy befalls him as his daughter Betty develops an illness which does not seem to have a cure.


Themes in the story can easily be identified from the earlier chapters as a character Tituba turns out to be the slave of Pariss. Issues such as slavery during the timeline period when the story was written can easily be identified as the storyline continues to unfold. Act three of the storyline which happens in Salem church inside a vestry is also a section you should look forward to reading. Drama ensues in the Vestry room which in the story as you read has been turned into a courtroom headed by a character known as judge Harthorne.


Our View on The Crucible PDF


In my opinion, I found the book to have a storyline that impressed me given the fact it was full of drama. The turn of events as the story builds has been well scripted as the story continues to develop from one activity to another. One of the things that I liked about the play was the fact that it was based on actual people and events revolving around counter-accusations and their fate. Get The Crucible book PDF download to get the full experience.

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