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The Outsiders PDF by S.E. Hinton

In the 1960s, things were a little different than they are now. Flying was very expensive and luxurious, people typed essays using typewriters and beehive hairdos were very trendy. However, there are some things that have never changed at all. Just read The Outsiders PDF and you will realize that the world has always been divided along class lines. The Outsiders PDF is a story about teenagers. It was authored by a teenager. The Outsiders book PDF, therefore, talks about issues that affect teens. To give you a glimpse of what is in the book, you can read The Outsiders book summary below.

the outsiders pdf book cover

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower PDF by Stephen Chbosky

For those who have read epistolary novels, we can all agree that there is always something pleasantly voyeuristic about reading them. Well if you are not a fan of epistolary books, then I assure you that when you read The Perks of Being a Wallflower pdf, you will fall in love with epistolary novels. The Perks of Being a Wallflower PDF is a novel by the American writer Stephen Chbosky. The story is about a teenage boy named Charlie who has just joined high school in a Pittsburgh suburb. The book follows Charlie as he navigates the world of adolescence and adulthood. The Perks of Being a Wallflower pdf book with candle

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The Giver PDF by Lois Lowry

The Giver PDF is another great dystopian novel. Dystopian fiction has been around for a while and has grown as a genre of literature. The Giver PDF, by Lois Lowry, is another great American novel that is set in a society that seems to be utopian at first but is revealed as dystopian as the story progresses. It revolves around a 12-year- old boy who is living in a community where there is no pain, war or emotions. In this dystopian world, everything is as pleasant as possible. Some Birthmothers give birth to “new children.” Once the Birthmothers have given birth, they never get to see the children again. These babies move to nurturing centers and then to a family unit. In case the children become too infirm, they are “released” or in other words, eliminated. Sounds like a book that is describing a future that many of us are afraid might happen? If you are interested in a book that will make you think and imagine yourself in a futuristic world, then you will enjoy reading The Giver PDF.   the giver pdf book cover

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13 Reasons Why PDF by Jay Asher

There are plenty of instances in the writing world where you really get to glimpse into the sordid life of someone posthumously. The rare thing about this book is that you do not usually get to experience these wrongdoings or misguided events being described by the person who has died. That, in itself, gives this book a unique platform. Reading either the hardcover or the 13 Reasons Why pdf eBook offers you a glimpse of Jay Asher’s writing style and impressive grasp of the human condition. 13 reasons why pdf book on a wooden table with tapes

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