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The Crucible PDF by Arthur Miller

Readers of The Crucible PDF act 1 will enjoy an exciting beginning where Salem’s minister who was called Reverend Parris sits down keenly while watching over his daughter who is sick. The name of Reverend’s daughter in the storyline is Betty. Reverend Parris in the story of The Crucible PDF sits down looking at his daughter wondering what was wrong with her. As the story of The Crucible PDF unfolds, we soon come to learn that rumors have been going around town that she had been bewitched. The night before Betty fell ill Reverend Parris had seen her dancing in the forest with his niece, Abigail. The two in the story of The Crucible PDF were not just alone but also in the company of Tituba who was a slave to Parris.


The storyline in The Crucible PDF pays attention to detail, for instance, a vivid description is given of how Parris saw a cauldron, and there was a frog which was leaping in it. Parris in the chapter who was still trying to figure where the problem is questioning his niece, Abigail. Abigail denies that neither she nor Betty are involved in any form of witchcraft. Does the sound of witchcraft give you an adrenaline rush? Get more of that as you flip through the chapters. Abigail in the story of The Crucible PDF, however, admits that while in the forest they were playing with Tituba.  In The Crucible, Abigail’s Parents are dead, and that is the reason why she is living in the household of Parris.

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Death of a Salesman PDF by Arthur Miller

A thrilling storyline awaits you in Death of a Salesman PDF which begins by highlighting an accident that almost occurred involving a character who goes by the name Willy Loman. He was an old salesman, and he was returning home from a very long business trip. In the entire trip that Willy goes through as you read  Death of a Salesman PDF, he gets involved in a number of near accidents until he comes to the realization that indeed he should not be driving. You will also find out in Death of a Salesman PDF that Willy’s wife called Linda saw that the job of a salesman was too much for her husband to handle. Linda’s concern made her to go ahead and to ask his boss to give her a job at the local office. Linda’s boss was called Howard. Willy in his own opinion thinks that getting a new job will be a good idea as the story unfolds in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. The reason behind his opinion is in the fact that he was adding little value as a salesman and switching employment will be a good idea.

death of a salesman pdf book cover

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