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Do you have a thing for dystopian novels? Well, Brave New World is such a classic dystopian novel that will blow your mind and imagination. It has a theme that is similar to that of George Orwell’s 1984. This story is set in a futuristic world and revolves around the idea of totalitarianism. Aldous Huxley achieves this concept of totality in his book the Brave New World through test-tube babies and hypnotism. If you are always interested in futuristic novels that give you a glimpse of what humanity could be like in future, then you need to get yourself Brave New World pdf.

Brave New World Online PDF

Overview Of Brave New World Online PDF

So what’s the real story that makes Brave New World pdf a must-read? Let’s find out.

Aldous Huxley bases his novel in a futuristic and dystopian world. The story opens in London, nearly six centuries into the future. In the story, human life has been entirely industrialized. Every aspect of human life is in control of a few individuals who are at the top of a World State.

In the first scene, they offered a tour of the lab where they make babies. The babies are in the strict caste system of society. It establishes the theme of a dehumanized life.

The main protagonist of the story is Bernard Marx, an Alpha-plus psychologist. He sets himself apart as one who is not happy with the system. To him the world in which material comfort and physical pleasure is not everything, but the only thing. The people engage in physical pleasures through recreational sex and through taking a drug called Soma. Bernard Marx, therefore, ends up being scorned by women.

Nevertheless, Bernard manages to get the attention of a “pneumatic” beauty known as Lenina Crowne. Bernard and Lenin then agree to spend a vacation week far away from the technologically controlled the world that is London, at the remote Savage Reservation that is in New Mexico.

Before Bernard leaves for New Mexico with Lenina, Bernard and his superior, the D.H.C disagree. It happens when the D.H.C reveals a secret to Bernard. He tells Bernard that long ago when he also visited the Savage Reservation, he too was accompanied by a woman but lost her unfortunately while they were on vacation.

The D.H.C then turns on Bernard because he is embarrassed by the disclosure of what he considered a socially unacceptable emotion. He threatens Bernard with banishment because Bernard does not engage enthusiastically enough in soma and sex.

While Bernard is away on vacation with Lenina at the Savage Reservation, he meets a woman named Linda who has a son named John. Linda is from London, and she gave birth to John 20 years ago. Bernard sees this as an opportunity to have power over his superior, the D.H.C because the D.H.C is the father of the child.

When Bernard gets back to London, he brings Linda and John with him.  He publicly presents them to the D.H.C who was just about t banish him. The D.H.C is shocked and humiliated because he is horrified by the thought of being connected to natural birth. It leaves him one option to flee in terror.

John, the D.H.C son, becomes a celebrity because of his new title, “the Savage.” Bernard enjoys success as a result of associating with this unique personality in town. Throughout the story, several events unfold until when it closes on an image of john’s lifeless body hanging from a wooden beam.

Throughout the story, Aldous Huxley explores how technology can be dangerous and what it could do to the whole world. It makes the novel to be a controversial classic that you can relate to in today’s world since technology is close enough to rule our lives.

Overall, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is a critically acclaimed novel that gives us a scary depiction of what could soon be our world. That’s not all, the Brave New World is well written and is very thought-provoking. Can’t wait to read it? You can get your hands on the Brave New World free copy and get to enjoy the storyline of this highly gripping book. The book has a total of 18 chapters that are unnamed. You can get the Brave New World pdf download on Pirated ebooks.

About The Author: Aldous Huxley

Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English writer who was born on July 26th, 1894 IN Surrey, England. He was born into a prominent intellectual family. During his early life, Huxley had dreams of being a scientist. However, this was not to be due to a severe illness that he suffered in his youth that left him severely blind.

He, therefore, chose to pursue a career in Literature. He attended Balliol College at Oxford University and graduated in 1916 with honours. His debut novel was called Chrome Yellow and published in 1921. He then followed his first book with several satirical stories.

However, in 1932, Aldous Huxley published his most successful and critically acclaimed novel, the Brave New World. It is a book that became very popular since it was a nightmarish vision of the future. The Brave New World is widely regarded to be one of the greatest novels of the 20th century.

Novels in some way usually write what they think, believe and know. Huxley expresses his disillusionment with society and his views on how scientific advancement and technology can affect people’s lives.

Unfortunately, Aldous Huxley passed away on November 22nd, 1963, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 69.

Technical Details

Edition Language: English

ISBN10: 0099518473

Pages: 288

Publisher: Vintage Publishing.

Imprint: Vintage Classics.

Dimensions: 128 by 196 by 22 mm.

Aldous Huxley Brave New World pdf is available in PDF format on Pirated Ebooks.

What’s In the Book?

The Brave New World is an English classic dystopian novel that takes us into the future where technological advancement would have reached its peak. This book succeeds to make the idea of a “World State” much more plausible to our brains.

Who is this book for?

If you love books that make your imagination to leap into the future and wonder if the things you read could happen, then the Brave New World is the book for you. By reading this book, you will imagine yourself in a world that has radically changed. You will find your imaginations in a world where technology is being used to control the masses.

Why You Should Read Aldous Huxley Brave New World PDF

Dystopian novels are the new trend for a lot of people consider it to be something new. Here are the reasons why you will need to get yourself a Brave New World Aldous Huxley pdf and start reading.

  •    The Intelligence

This book is not your little science fiction book where all your fantasies are made right. Instead, this is a unique book that contains plausible and never-seen-before predictions of what the world would be like in the next centuries. The author intelligently analyzed the present society and used it to depict the future accordingly. This book mirrors certain aspects of our current culture. Nothing in this book is therefore without cause.

  •    The Writing Style

Huxley uses a sardonic tone that points out to the sheepishness of the people. Why does this matter? Well, Huxley wanted us not to just read this book as a simple dystopian story. He wanted us to understand it as a warning and an insightful piece of work. His writing style will, therefore, lead you to compare your present world with the futuristic world. I can’t emphasize enough the positive insights that you will get after reading this book.

  •    Timelessness

This novel is just timeless. Throughout the story, there is nothing that betrays its age. You can never tell if the writer wrote in the 21st century or the 20th century.


The Brave New World has received a lot of reviews, both positive and negative. Those who comment negatively say that it is horrifying. However, positive reviews outnumber the negative ones.

I’d like to agree with Madeline (You can click here to read her review) that the book is fascinating and looks feels like it was written yesterday when in the real sense it was written eight decades ago.Huxley can predict the future interestingly. Unlike other dystopian novels, the Brave New World uses a more precise outsider character that views the world that the author created through his separate perspective. The main character, who is the “The Savage” is introduced afterward in the novel. You might think that Bernard is the main character when in the real sense it is John “The Savage.”

Bottom line? The novel the Brave New World is not meant to scare you when you read it but is meant to warn you of the dangers humanity will face if we let technology to control all aspects of our lives.

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