The Alchemist PDF by Paulo Coelho

Looking to find a bit of clarity as you move through the in’s and out’s of life’s journey? Follow an Englishman, in the renowned book The Alchemist, as he seeks out a fabled and all-knowing alchemist. Download The Alchemist PDF and embark on a life-changing journey that will leave you with a new sense of purpose as your chase down your dreams and ambitions.

Embark on a Once-of-a-lifetime Journey with Paulo Coelho The Alchemist PDF FREE

This inspirational book about mystery, an epic journey, and self-discovery is world-renowned and has been translated into over 70 languages. As the reader, you follow a Shepard Englishman who has a reoccurring dream about seeking a finding his ultimate treasure. He finds this dream and sets out on a life-changing journey, through far-off mystical lands in search of an Alchemist whom he is sure will point him towards the treasure. Along the way, he meets many individuals who help him learn, grow, and acquire knowledge and tools needed to find his ultimate treasure. He also falls in love with a beautiful woman, who inspires him and encourages him to continue to pursue his dream. He vows to marry her upon completion of the journey.

The Alchemist PDF by Paulo Coelho

So how does the journey of a Shepard apply to me and my life? The plot of this novel may seem mystical and almost something out of a fairy-tale, however, author Paulo Coelho, in The Alchemist PDF Free version, uses each trial and tribulation that the character encounters as a universal life lesson, that all readers can learn and grow from. His ultimate message, which is pervasive in the book is that if you want something badly enough, the whole universe will conspire to bring it to fruition. As a seeker of truth and wisdom, you just need to be aware of all of the forces conspiring to help you along whatever your journey might be. So what’s in it for you? As a reader, you will walk away with a new-found purpose in your every experience and every encounter with friends and strangers alike.


Read a note from the author, 10 years after publishing the book. Read his insights as he reflects on writing the book and the impact that it has had on readers.

Meet the Alchemist, who you won’t encounter again until the end of the novel as the Englishman’s journey nears completion.

Here you are introduced to the Shepard and his mysterious dreams. You will read about what influences to embark on a life-changing journey and the preparations and decisions that he must go through as he decides to leave his home.

The Shepard encounters challenges and sets backs on his journey. He must decide whether to give up on his dream and return to a life of being a Shepard or find a way to push forward.

Upon finding his treasure, the Shepard contemplates the strange and mysterious journey that led him to fate. He is astounded that he found his treasure in the place where he began his journey!


Paulo Coelho is an award-winning Brazilian author who has published over 25 novels. Prior to his writing career, he spent time travelling as a self-proclaimed hippie and then working as a songwriter. He is a free mind who spoke out against an oppressive government, which actually lead to his arrest.

His writing career began in 1982, but he did not publish the Alchemist until 1994. The Alchemist PDF quickly became a top seller and has since sold more than 88 million copies. Now you are able to download the ebook easily from sellers all over the internet. The book also holds a world record, for the book translated into most languages. Interestingly enough, the Alchemist PDF was actually inspired by Coelho’s own life-changing journey when he walked over 500 miles on a pilgrimage down the Road of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain.

Since the publication of The Alchemist, he has written one book every two years, each of which is themed with its own underlying inspirational theme. All of these novels, like The Alchemist, are fictional but carry very poignant messages about life and living life to the fullest. Bottom line? This is one of the best selling and most well-known authors around. You won’t be disappointed if you download The Alchemist Paulo Coelho pdf from Pirated Ebooks. We offer many of his other amazing novels for download on Pirated Ebooks as well!



Format: PDF Available

Length: 197 pages

Publisher: HarperOne

Language: English, Spanish, and over 70 additional languages


Coelho is a wonderful story-teller and develops real, easy to relate to characters. But, what will you get out of the Alchemist PDF on a personal level? The Alchemist’s underlying theme is that if you want something bad enough, the universe will help you achieve your goal as long as you take advantage of every opportunity that arises and keeps an open eye to your surroundings.

Through his main character in this novel, Coelho describes life lessons that are applicable to each person and their individual goals. As you read you will find yourself putting you in the main character’s shoes and visualizing have each of his trials and successes is analogous to your own personal strife’s and ambitions. You will walk away with the courage to being a life-altering journey, the motivation to get you through pitfalls and setbacks in your journey, and the wisdom to keep your eyes open to hidden helpers along the way. It is truly a joyful read that will leave you feeling refreshed and excited about all that is in store for you in your life. Download The Alchemist PDF, and the author’s lessons and messages are something that will stick with you long after you finish the novel.

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I couldn’t agree more with this review. It is an easy enough read to pick up read more than once. You’ll likely want to revisit the lessons more than once after you completed it the first time.


So, true! Whatever your religious beliefs you will finish this book feeling uplifted and more spiritually in touch with your life.


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