13 Reasons Why PDF by Jay Asher

There are plenty of instances in the writing world where you really get to glimpse into the sordid life of someone posthumously. The rare thing about this book is that you do not usually get to experience these wrongdoings or misguided events being described by the person who has died. That, in itself, gives this book a unique platform. Reading either the hardcover or the 13 Reasons Why pdf eBook offers you a glimpse of Jay Asher’s writing style and impressive grasp of the human condition.

13 Reasons Why PDF

Overview of 13 Reasons Why PDF

This book is a virtual cross-section into the mind of a troubled teenager who has decided to end their life. The cassettes that Hannah has left behind offer a very vivid picture into coming to this decision, and those that she feels hold responsibility for it reaching this fatal and tragic point. Presumably, the first to receive her cassettes, the story’s main character Clay Jensen, must make sense of each tape as he relives Hannah’s life through her voice, her stories, and the places and people that have convinced her that suicide was the only solution.

Table of Contents For Thirteen Reasons Why PDF

  • Yesterday – One Hour After School
  • Cassette 1: Side A
  • Cassette 1: Side B
  • Cassette 2: Side A
  • Cassette 2: Side B
  • Cassette 3: Side A
  • Cassette 3: Side B
  • Cassette 4: Side A
  • Cassette 4: Side B
  • Cassette 5: Side A
  • Cassette 5: Side B
  • Cassette 6: Side A
  • Cassette 6: Side B
  • Cassette 7: Side A
  • Cassette 7: Side B
  • The Next Day After Mailing The Tapes

About the Author

Although this was Jay Asher’s first book, 13 Reasons Why PDF would become an international success. First being released in 2011, Asher’s novel would quickly rise the New York Time’s Best Seller List and peak the interests of a global audience. Subsequent novels, such as his latest, What Light, have also been experiencing rave reviews from his following and new readers alike. Though he spends his days still writing and working on the next captivating book, Asher also likes to spend his days in the sun with his wife and family in California.

Technical Details

Format for Reading: 13 Reasons Why pdf, paperback, and hardcover

Publication Date: June 14th, 2011

Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group

Pages: 336 (paperback)

Review of 13 Reasons Why PDF Book Online

Review of 13 Reasons Why

I do not agree with Beth’s review (To read Beth’s complete review: click here) of this book in suggesting that this is just glorification of a teen committing suicide. While she might be right the finality of death and that things can improve, I wasn’t left with some belief that Hannah had to die or that the reader should think that she made the right choice.

This is a novel that demands the attention of the reader. From the very beginning of the novel, you are drawn into the world being spun before you. But is this a book that people should be reading? Is it worth your precious free time to find the 13 Reasons Why book online and dive into the story? The short answer is, as far as I’m concerned, a resounding yes.

Long before Netflix took an interest in this book, I was drawn in by its placement on the New York Time’s bestseller list and ordered a paperback version. It didn’t take me long to read through it entirely, as it isn’t an especially lengthy book and it was truly captivating. Shortly after seeing that it was a successful series on Netflix’s streaming service, I was able to find the 13 Reasons Why pdf to read through it again on my tablet.

The Characters Are Believable

The main character is one that you don’t easily identify with. His response to the tapes that he receives from Hannah is genuine. This springs his entire character (to the reader) into someone who is off to learn the truth. In the world today where there are so many people who are lackadaisical and uninterested in the feelings of others, much less what has brought someone’s life to an end, it is refreshing to have even fictional representations of compassionate and endearing characters. With Clay on a quest for the truth, his character becomes somewhat of a compass to help you gauge the severity of the things that have happened to Hannah in the time leading up to her suicide.

13 Reasons Why

Would The Plot Hold An Avid Reader’s Attention?

You would think that with a seemingly shorter novel like this, adult readers would have a difficult time really finding themselves lost in the plot. But much like Netflix saw this is a plot that is very unlike most of the books you have ever read before. While it is unmistakable that many of the segments that seemingly sent Hannah over the edge were a bit of a stretch, that is also a stark reflection of the average teenage American girl. There is also a real truth to be found in this book, something that can hopefully draw some attention to an epidemic that is sweeping the country right now: teen suicides.

Isn’t This A Little Too Dark For Young Readers?

You can certainly make a point to suggest that the subject matter of this book is a little dark, especially when you delve into some of the reasons why Hannah chose to end her life. This is a book that has been rated well by teen readers, and this is a subject matter that many of them have already been exposed to through just living their lives and interacting with people. This book is fiction, though it can be an instrumental tool in teaching younger minds about the importance of treating other people better and that no one’s secrets can stay hidden forever.

Why 13 Reasons Why PDF Should Be Your Next Read

While I won’t bore you with why you should be reading Thirteen Reasons Why pdf or paperback, there are some things that I feel might tilt the scales if you are on the fence. So far the best line of the novel:

#1. You Connect With The Tragedy   That’s probably the most glaringly drawing thing about this entire book is: suicide is something that has affected so many people across the globe. This is something that you have felt, you know about, and that you get a tragic inside look at through the progression of the tapes.

#2. You Want To See Justice   For all of the bad things that have happened to Hannah that she lays out on each side of her seven tapes, she has no reason to keep things hidden anymore. Names, dates, places, and circumstances all are able to be brought to light and justice can finally reach those who have committed heinous acts.

#3. You Want Clay To Be Redeemed   While he wasn’t even involved in her death or as responsible as some of the horrible things she later names, Clay uses these tapes as a way to redeem himself and to make sense of Hannah’s death. It doesn’t take long to see Clay as someone who isn’t just acting out of curiosity, but that his love for Hannah is a driving him to see her life through his eyes.

#4. You Want To Know More   With each side of the tape, you are taken a little deeper into the dark place that Hannah’s mind resided. While her voice might seem direct and guided to drive the plot, each reason that she names seem more shocking than the last.   You can also read another dark side of humanity and the savagery that underlies human civilization. book here.

#5. This Could Easily Be Non-Fiction   As was earlier stated, suicide is an epidemic among the teens of the United States. The 13 Reasons Why pdf is a deep and revealing look at the way that people treat each other, and the dangers of forcing your feelings inside and keeping them secret. Every reason is a new excuse to stop and examine the people that you know and the faces you see, ensuring that their pain isn’t as unnoticed and brushed off as Hannah’s fictional pain was.

So…What Do You Think of this novel?

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